The FAST Foundation is a charitable organization created in 1994 to provide safety education, public awareness through the media, emergency assistance and to be an advocate for the Florida State Trooper.

The FAST Foundation introduced Trooper Tedd E. Bear in August, 1994. The purpose was to provide children with a positive image of the law enforcement profession and promote vehicle safety as well as safety in schools and neighborhoods. Trooper Tedd was designed to foster the relationship between children and law enforcement officers building bridges of trust and communication. Below are just a few of the activities the FAST Foundation and Trooper Tedd E. Bear participate in:

Crash Bear

Experience has proven that a toy or stuffed animal calms a child during the trauma of a traffic crash or emergency situation. The FAST Foundation donates these small replica bears to Florida troopers to carry with them to give to children who have been involved in vehicle crashes, easing the work of emergency personnel and lessening the trauma suffered by the child. Bears were also distributed to children injured in the Oklahoma City bombing disaster on behalf of the FAST Foundation. As an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman expressed in his letter, “Thanks for the gift of Trooper Tedd E. Bear. He brought a smile to a child in tears.”

Hospital Visits

Trooper Tedd E. Bear has been to numerous hospitals and visited hundreds of children. During these visits children are presented with bags filled with goodies promoting safety and, of course, Trooper Tedd leaves part of himself, one of these stuffed toy replicas. Many of these children have not had positive contacts with law enforcement officers in their daily lives. Trooper Tedd E. Bear steps through the communication barriers and leaves behind memories of compassionate and caring law enforcement professionals.

Safety Information

Trooper Tedd E. Bear – Trooper Tedd is concerned about children and safety issues facing them today. Trooper Tedd E. Bear’s motto is clearly, “Be Beary Careful.” Troopers share this common concern by donating their personal time to work promoting vehicle safety by teaching the importance of safety belt use and child safety restraint seats. Trooper Tedd visits law enforcement safety programs sponsored by counties and municipalities distributing safety messages and interacting with the program participants.