What is FAST?

In 1986, Florida troopers, concerned with the welfare of their fellow officers amid escalating societal violence and the steady deterioration of stature and compensation within the Patrol, organized to form the Florida Association of State Troopers.

Today, FAST is a powerful influence within the state law enforcement community. With an exclusive statewide membership that encompasses active, auxiliary, reserve and retired members of the Florida Highway Patrol, FAST has established a statewide network of communication and rapid deployment enabling us to monitor and respond to events that affect the Florida Highway Patrol and the law enforcement community.

FAST Partners is an extension of our membership, composed primarily of spouses, allowing us to reach out to the families of Troopers statewide, and offer a unique variety of services and caring support for the men and women who support our Troopers.

FAST is a member service organization managed by a volunteer board of directors made up entirely of members of the Florida Highway Patrol, elected by their peers. The Association truly is the only organization – OF – BY and FOR the men and women of the Florida Highway Patrol.


FAST does engage in professional residential fundraising by telephone and mail. However, don’t be misled by some sound-alike organizations. FAST is the only organization in Florida dedicated to troopers only. If you receive a call by an organization purporting to be representing “troopers,” please take the time to note the name of the organization. FAST does not include the terms “6000,” “Lodge” or “Chapter” in its name or fundraising. We do not ask for checking account numbers. Troopers are prohibited by state law from soliciting funds for any reason.

While our organization is composed of Florida State Troopers, we do not receive funding from the State of Florida or the Florida Highway Patrol and rely greatly on the generosity and support of people like you.

If you would like, please consider making a “secure” online donation by clicking the “Donate Now” button on the home page.

Thank you for your support!