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FAST is constantly working on behalf of its members, focusing on a variety of professional benefits not available through employers or other associations.

FAST provides legal representation, lobbying efforts, insurance benefits, access to timely information and public services all focusing directly on Florida’s State Troopers.

Featured Benefits Provided by FAST

Legal Defense: FAST goes where you go! We have a statewide network of over 40 attorneys committed to the Trooper – to ensure member protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Our FAST Troop Directors are equipped with the means of communication to provide an immediate response in the often crucial moments of an on-scene situation. FAST also offers specialized consultants in labor relations issues for members.

Insurance: FAST offers the finest insurance benefits. Policies include a $50,000 Killed in the Line of Duty benefit; $25,000 Accidental Death benefit – retired members age 65 and under are covered at $5,000 Death benefit and a $5,000 Accidental Death benefit – members age 65 and over are eligible for $2,500 in Death benefits. Insurance premiums are paid entirely by the Association and coverage is offered at no cost to the member.

Professional Lobbying: The Florida Legislature decides your career future. Because troopers are our only concern, we concentrate all of our lobbying efforts toward the betterment of troopers. Issues such as salary, equipment, benefits and retirement are among our primary objectives during the Florida Session. Our lobbyists monitor legislation and keep a watchful eye open.

FAST Forward Newsletter: Each month FAST produces a timely newsletter, FAST FORWARD, packed with information. This part of FAST membership alone is priceless. Be informed with dependable, accurate and useful information!

FAST Partners: Formed in 1993, this group is made up primarily of spouses of FAST members statewide. This contingent of informed civilians offers the Association a wide array of talents and experience – from political action committees, to public services, to being advocates for each other and other spouses of law enforcement personnel. Partners dedicated to strengthening the “FAST family”.

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If you are a Florida State Trooper (Active, Auxiliary, Reserve, or Retired) and are interested in joining the Association, use the forms below. Print the forms, complete and mail to: FAST, 2061-1 Delta Way, Tallahassee, FL 32303-4227. (Fax copies are not accepted)